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next, new information about the victims in a deadly northern california race car crash. showe the way. we'll find out when in leigh glaser's forecast.
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>> good evening, i'm carolyn johnson in for ama daetz. >> dozens of people remembered a
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14-year-old boy who lost his life at a race track. it took place at his middle school in santa rosa. he was in the pit at marysville race way on saturday when his cousin 17-year-old chase johnson lost control. his car slammed into a pit killing the 14-year-old and 68-year-old from grass valley. more on the victims and the crash. >> reporter: the start of the civil war sprint car series took a tragic turn at race way park saturday night. in a practice run, chase johnson seen here lost control. he watched the car leave the track. >> he must have been going 90 and there is not much you can do when the car is going that fast. >> he hit his cousin mar marcus johnson and also killed was 68-year-old from grass valley. they were at the penngrove home
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was the sign saying privacy to deal with the horrible tragedy. friends left flowers at muffler shop that the father owns here in santa rosa. 11-year-old michael is also an award sprint car driver. as a father his death has hit him hard. >> he was sweet kid, i know that his dad loved him very much. >> he was always nice and nice to talk to. >> michael said he is sad in his passing but he will continue to race. chase outside of the two fatalities no one was injured. the sheriff's department is investigating. >> carolyn: four people suffered minor injuries after a small
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pickup truck slammed into a thrift store in vallejo. it happened on sonoma boulevard around 2:00 this afternoon. firefighters evacuated 40 people from that store. you can see the impact knocked out a large part of the store's front doors and sent merchandise flying. paramedics treated people at the scene and there is no word when the store might reopen. >> happening now in sacramento county, a wildfire is still burning and fire crews are not working to put it out. it started where the san joaquin and sacramento rivers came together. they are letting run it's course because there are no structures or people in danger. island is too difficult to access. st. patrick's day has turned into a cool evening as spring approaches and rain, as well. leigh glaser is here with a look
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at live doppler 7-hd. >> terrific weekend and we'll show you no returns but things will start to change in the next 36 hours as the cold front will bring the return of some rain. here is a live look from the bay bridge and highs today. it was 70 in concord as well as livermore. santa cruz, 73 degrees. we do have high clouds that are venturing in right now, just of the start of things that will hit us next 36 hours. san francisco right now with overcast skies, 53 degrees and 49 in half moon bay. when you can expect the raindrops to fall coming up in a little bit. >> carolyn: tonight police are asking your help they believed a man tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl. he is described as six feet tall and thin build and goatee. he was last seen driving a
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four-door car. he offered the girl a ride walking home from school. >> two ohio football players are heading to juvenile hall after the conviction on rape charges. they made apology in court after their conviction. >> reporter: 16-year-old breaking down in court after a judge convicted him and 17-year-old trent mayes of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl after a night of drinking and partying last august. >> i would like to apologize to the family and community. >> both were sentenced to at least one year in juvenile jail. mayes will get an additional year for taking a nude picture of the victim.
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in court she described how she woke up hours after the alleged incident with mayes and richmond in the same room. i was scared, embarrassed and it freaked me out. >> any rape is very difficult, horrible for the victim. i think it's even more difficult when the victim is continually re-vickized. >> several may have even witnessed it. >> state attorney general's he will convene a grand jury whether other people should be charged in the case. especially the victim, her mother spoke out today. >> this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere and move on. >> carolyn: been a major cancellation caused by the san
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francisco symphony strike. the four has now been cancelled. ♪ ♪ >> carolyn: so far four concerts in san francisco have been called off as well because of the strike that began on wednesday. according to management, musicians rejected a proposal to resume playing during a cooling-off period while negotiations continue. they are unhappy with the proposal by management that would include a pay freeze in the first year of the contract. coming up, a look at the new research that suggests earthquakes can turn water into gold. why scientists in southern california believe starving sea lions are washing up on shores. if you are or a loved ones had too much to drink for st. paddy's advertise day how you can get a free ride home and you can get a free ride home and time to get thwell, well, well.
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>> carolyn: a natural phenomenon is paving the skies. here is what the arora borealis look like last night. it's when the sun hits the earth's magnetic field. it was particularly strong and could be seen as far south as colorado. >> a san francisco cab company and local law firm are hoping to keep the city streets a little safe they are st. patrick's day. they are offering free rides between 10:00 tonight and 4:00 a.m. up tomorrow. up to $35 fares. you must mention byrd injury lawyers. sponsors of the program. >> new studies show areas rattled by earthquakes may be great places to hunted for gold.
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they published a report, when a quake strike it can turn water into gold. it happens before the quake rips off the fault which vaporizes the water. the vapor leaves behind gold and silica. after collecting for thousands of years the gold can add up to large deposits. starving sea lion cubs are washing up on the shores and scientists are baffled to keep the pups alive. we do have few more days of sunny skies, but change is on the way. leigh glaser is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> and the world baseball class sick down to the semi finals at at&t but without team u.s.a.
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>> carolyn: scientists are fighting to save baby sea lions in southern california. they are star having on the beaches and no one is sure exactly. why here is the story. >> hello, marine rescue. >> in 27 years saving sea creatures he has never seen this before. >> they look so cute but they have bite ten times greater an pit bull. >> he normally rescues pups in a normal year. >> tell me about this year? >> this year it's been alarmingly high. i've done 200 rescues since january 1st. >> the animals are showing up all over southern california beaches, skinny and starving. scientists say they don't know exactly why, but they do know
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for some reason there isn't enough food for the sea lions to eat. >> commercial bait fishermen said there is no kind of food that he is animals eat. >> seconds after we finished our interview another call. >> baby seal very young, eyes are barely moving. >> he carefully moved in. this is already his fifth rescue of the day. >> they will keep each other warm. they are severely hydrothermic. >> they have huddled masses of sea lion pups. >> chances are great right now. >> until they figure out what is going on rescue experts will be on the beach trying to save them. >> carolyn: we enjoyed a beautiful weekend here, it was
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fantastic. >> last full weekend of winter. can't complain. >> live doppler, already we're seeing the clouds to move in across the bay area. by the way, wednesday is when we change seasons, spring arrives on 4:02 pacific daylight time here. let's go ahead and look at some current readings for you with the high clouds moving in across the bay area. nice shot from the rooftop cam, showing you the embarcadero. right now we are at 50 degrees. 53 in san jose. half moon bay, already 48 degrees. another vantage point, closer to the bay bridge, right now santa rosa 51. 55 in fairfield and los gatos 55, as well. here is a look at forecast highlights, cooler afternoon as we head into monday.
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thickening clouds monday night. rain returns by tuesday afternoon and tuesday night and wednesday. we have a cloud deck will continue to increase so we'll look for temperatures to be moderate. 48 for san francisco. 44 for half moon bay. san mateo 45 degrees. in the north bay we'll see clear patches and santa rosa 40 degrees. here is a look at our setup. high pressure starting to weaken allowing high clouds out ahead of this cold front to venture in towards the bay area. these clouds here will be with us tomorrow and then the front will move in and spread rain across the bay area by fuss afternoon. in fact here is a look at forecast animation. 7:00 monday night clouds across the bay area but look how close the leading edge of the moisture is getting to the bay area but by tuesday afternoon. this is 7:00 a.m. morning commute and clouds will move in and check when the rain moves
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in. this is 3:00 tuesday evening and then the 5:00 or 6:00 commute hour it will be weather by tuesday evening and then waves of moisture will continue tuesday night throughout the day on wednesday. here is a look your sunday as we head through the day today. we had the low clouds and fog definitely request us overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. you can see the cloud cover starting to move on in. here is a look at highs for monday. we start off with high clouds. temperatures come down. san jose 68. 67 for sunnyvale. 66 for redwood city. mid to upper 50s at our coast tomorrow. san francisco, 62. 65, petaluma. napa, 68 degrees. east bay oakland, 67. castro valley and inland, we'll look for brentwood sitting at 70 degrees. 69, concord. >> rain will start to move in
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across the bay area tuesday afternoon, tuesday night as wet wednesday throughout the day will be wet and cooler. then we'll start to warm things up friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures by the weekend near 80 degrees. >> wow! >> wednesday, spring arrives. >> we're done with rain. we love it. mike shumann is here. we got baseball action. >> at at&t park, third baseball classic. japan is two time defending champion they faced off puerto rico in the first semifinal this evening. throwing out the first pitch. puerto rico didn't waste any time. mike with a flare to center and puerto rico goes on top 1-0. then in the 7th, flashing some muscle, alex rios unloads a bomb to left. puerto rico are up 3-1 and bottom of the eighth and
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complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> 68 teams have been selected to the big dance. ucla, arizona and cal got the nod and st. mary's is the 11th seed in the midwest but play tennessee in dayton, ohio. they get memphis in auburn hills michigan. in san jose, good news, cal stays local but they lost earlier in the season but mike montgomery they are happy to be in the tournament. >> i think they are excited about the match-up. we played them once. we're excited about the location it makes everything so much easier. >> we were surprised we goat stay so close to home. we can get a good fan base and get good crowds throughout and lead us on. >> louisville number one overall seed.
9:25 pm
kansas is top dog in the south. gonzaga gets top billing in the west. warriors hit the road for three games starting in houston and win put themselves and distance between themselves and the rockets in the west. no room for error. here a rockets' miss and curry two of his 26. led by 8 after one-quarter. and here is 3 of his 29, third quarter, jeremy with the lay-in gets the rockets within 35. that is as close as they would get. check out the flip off of jackson, oh, my, warriors win by 30 and leads houston by a game and a half for the second playoff spot. >> cactus league action, two runs on but not anymore. three run blast. first of the spring and a's are up 3-0.
9:26 pm
corey 2-0 pitch to josh donaldson and see ya! and cubs would tie it up, bottom of the eighth, two runs and second base spot. a's go on to win 12-6. sandoval was scratched with right elbow discomfort. timmy gave up two runs in the first. mike doubles on rockies were up two. giants, a three run walk off home run, giants go on to win 9-7 your final. >> raiders have signed kevin burnett. he spent nine years in the league, last two with miami and his brother is also a linebacker with the raiders. unfortunately they lot brandon myers with the giants. he had 79 grabs and four
9:27 pm
touchdowns. they also gone and silver and black need something for carson palmer to throw to. >> and tennis, facing nadal. nadal rallied to win the second and nice one here at the net. match point for nadal, approach the forehand is wide and nadal wins his fourth tournament after returning. maria sharapova won her first event of the year. you were down there earlier in the week. >> carolyn: it's great to see her back. >> it's almost like major with the men and women playing in the event. >> oz is back on top of the box >> oz is back on top of the box office for the big buzz but [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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